Touch ‘n Go E-Statement
Online Help For
Normal Card Users



1. Introduction.

2. Normal Card User.

2.1. Login.

2.2. Disclaimer Message.

2.3. Edit User INFO.


2.5. LogoUT.

2.6. Help.


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Figure 2-1: Front Page & Login Screen.

Figure 2-2: Reset Password Screen.

Figure 2-3: Confirmation Email Message.

Figure 2-4: Disclaimer Message Screen.

Figure 2-5: Edit User Info Screen .

Figure 2-6: Card Transaction Query Screen.

Figure 2-7: Sample Account Statement Itemised List Screen.

Figure 2-8: Sample View Transaction Screen.



1.   Introduction


This application is a web-based online e-statement presentment for Touch `N Go Toll Fleet card user and as well as individual Touch `N Go card user.

For corporate user, they can view the summary and details statement information for their entire supplements card. The corporate customer can perform some analysis base on the information given.

For an individual / normal user, they can view the detail information of their Touch `N Go card.

This solution provided by TMS Bhd to RSSB is a fully customized software developed and runs on Macromedia Cold Fusion MX application server.

2.   Normal Card User

2.1.  Login

This is the front page, presenting you the login screen to gain access to the Touch ‘n Go application.

Figure 2-1: Front Page & Login Screen

The Touch 'n Go logo in the top right hand corner of Figure 2-1 links you to the corporate Touch 'n Go home page at

Do take note that the login username is case insensitive and password is case sensitive.

The remember password button serves two purposes:

·         Clicking this button will prevent your login from timing out (you will be automatically logout after 20 minutes if they is no keystroke on the website).

·         If you accidentally close the browser, reopening the browser and returning to the Touch ‘n Go application URL will bring you to the Touch ‘n Go application without logging in.

If you have forgotten your password, click the “Forgot password? Click here” link. Enter your username, email address and click “Reset Password”.

If your username has been disabled / inactivated, you will see this message "Username has been disabled. Please contact us for assistance." Call Touch ‘N Go for assistance.

Figure 2-2: Reset Password Screen

Upon clicking the “Reset Password” button, you will see this prompt.

Figure 2-3: Confirmation Email Message

The confirmation email will include a link that you must click to reset your password. You will then receive a second email containing your new randomly generated password, which allows you to login to the application.

Example of a confirmation email:



From: Touch ‘n GoAdministrator [mailto:Touch ‘n GoAdministrator]

Sent: Monday, 20 April, 2003 3:01 AM


Subject: Confirmation to reset Touch 'n Go password


You have requested to reset your password Manual Writer.

Please confirm by accessing the URL below from your web browser:

2.2.  Disclaimer Message

If it is your first time logging in, a disclaimer message will appear (see Figure 2-4).

Click the “Yes” button to continue. If you click “No”, you will be redirect back to the login page.

The disclaimer message might re-appear should there be a change in the content of the message.

Figure 2-4: Disclaimer Message Screen

2.3.  Edit User Info


Congratulations on your successful login.



Look at the menu on the left side of the screen. Click the “Edit User Info” menu.


Figure 2-5: Edit User Info Screen

Figure 2-5 shows the “Edit User Info” screen, which allows you to change your personal details. Ensure all the above fields that has ‘*’ are fill up before clicking Update.

2.4.  Card Transaction

“Card Transaction” allow you to view your itemised Touch ‘N Go transaction statements online.

Click the “Card Transaction” menu.





Enter the starting and ending date of the Touch’n Go transactions you want to see into the “Transaction Period: From / To” fields as shown in Figure 2-6.


Figure 2-6: Transaction Statement Query Screen

Figure 2-7 shows the Sample Account Statement Itemised List Screen.

Figure 2-7: Sample Account Statement Itemised List Screen

There are two buttons at the bottom of the report.

View All Transactions” generates a printer friendly listing on screen, which you can print direct to a laser printer.

Export to CSV” creates a CSV (comma-separated values) file containing all the Touch ‘n Go transaction which you can subsequently import into a database program or an Excel spreadsheet. A sample CSV file:

At the top of the “View All Transactions” listing, you will see a hyperlink to generate a PDF report. Click this link to view the PDF report. You can also right click the link and save this report into your PC.

Note: You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in your PC before you can view the PDF report. You can download Acrobat Reader via the download button on Figure 2-8.

Figure 2-8: Sample View Transaction Screen


2.6.  Logout

Click the “Logout” menu to exit the application. It would be a good idea to clear your browser cache after logout.





2.6.  Help

Click the “Help” menu to get an online help.